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Environmentally Friendly Gardening Products

When using organic products (earth-friendly), it is important to remember that these products also kill beneficial insects that can be encouraged to stay in the garden as natural controls. Use sparingly and only when you know that the bugs and pests you want to kill are actually harmful to your crops.

Environmental Friendly Gardening


Ants are beneficial for aerating the soil and cleaning up weed seeds and other debris.

Ant Repellent

Ø Mint (Mentha species) planted in pots or in the ground, deters ants from entering the house.

(Plant mint in the ground either in pots or with a barrier around it, as it is very invasive and will

overtake other plants.)

Ø Spray cayenne powder in holes or cracks where ants are seen. Powered cayenne is available from grocery or health food stores.

Ø Pour boiling water on anthills to kill ants quickly.

Ø Use equal parts of vinegar and water to wash countertops, cabinets, floors, etc. as an ant


Ø Sprinkle baking soda under sinks near pipe openings and along basement windows to deter ants

and other bugs.


Ø Spray plants frequently with a strong stream of water to knock the aphids off. Many other small

insects can be controlled by washing off plants with a stream of water including red spiders and

flea beetles. Try it first before resorting to sprays.

Ø Pests of all kinds will stay away from plants you want to protect, when garlic and onions are

planted near them. Do not plant garlic near peas.

Ø Aphids will stay away from anise and coriander.

Ø Make yellow sticky traps to attract aphids. To make, coat 10x10 in. (25x25 cm) panels with

yellow paint topped with Tanglefoot or petroleum jelly. Place the traps adjacent to vulnerable


Ø Use row covers for an effective barrier.

Ø Aluminium foil used as mulch confuses the aphids so they don’t know where to land. Spread the

mulch 6 in. (15 cm) beyond the plant.

Ø Flour or baking powder dusted on the undersides of plant foliage slows the upward trek of aphids.

Ø Ladybugs are a gardener’s best friend as they eat aphids, scale insects, and mealy bugs.

Fungal Remedy

Ø Dissolve 1 tsp. (5 mL) baking soda in 1 qt. (500 mL) water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle

and liberally mist plants.

Ø Cinnamon is a great fungal remedy. Liberally sprinkle cinnamon on top of soil around plants.


Ø Cinnamon sprinkled in your cupboards and drawers will get rid of silverfish.

Unwanted Weeds

Ø Pour boiling water over weeds in cracks. Vinegar sprayed on the weeds will also work.

Remember that this will sterilise the soil so use carefully.

The best strategy for controlling we