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How to Cultivate ground moss

Cultivate ground moss

Our easy guide on how to get ground moss to grow well.

This is also good for making new stone/statues look old. Moss can be encouraged and seeded to nearly all surfaces.

Examples are new stones, pond edge's, ornaments, walls etc. To get it to grow and also seed more, the easiest way is to make a moss shake mix. Easy to do even though it sounds weird.

1, put a pint of milk outside in the sun until it has separated and looks off.

2, get a handful of fresh moss and put it into a blender or liquidizer.

3, shake the moldy milk and add to the moss.

4, blend the moss and milk together until it forms a paste/thick milk.

5, spread the moss shake over the ground/objects you want the moss to grow onto. It sounds weird, but the reaction between the off milk and moss spores encourages the spores to grow, and the moss to thicken and grow lush. The off milk trick can also be used on existing moss as a fertilizer.

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