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Spinpro Trimmer




If you are planning to make herbal extract with the trimmed leaves from your flowers, the SpinPro trimmer is the perfect device to quickly and easily trim your plants - catching the small leaves in a clean, stainless steel bowl, ready to be used in your bags.  The device is also excellent for the preparation of plants for essential oils.

Residents of Ottawa looking for the perfect equipment for trimming varieties of indoor and outdoor grown plants and also save time and energy from the laborious and manual method of trimming can pickup their unit currently in our store location in Ottawa.

The SpinPro trimmer has been described as one of the most innovative invention since electric blender! This novel equipment greatly reduces the stress it takes to manually trim leaves and has been adjudged to be ten times faster compared to scissors.

The SpinPro trimmer will save you time and money! This trimmer is geared to small to medium sized projects. The SpinPro trimmer is used for the removal of protruding leaves to prepare plants for making essential oils and potpourris. Simply place the flowers on the grill, close the SpinPro and turn the handle - out come perfectly trimmed flowers! The simple design with no electric parts makes this unit virtually unbreakable. The SpinPro trimmer is made of medical grade stainless steel and food grade rubber.

The SpinPro trimmer currently being offered in our Ottawa shop is made of best quality medical grade stainless steel materials which renders it almost indestructible. This device comprises of two parts; the top and bottom half. The top when removed from the bottom half reveals the stainless bowl with a metal grill cover. This is where your leaves are put for trimming. The top half also consist of a metal bowl shape which turns the plant over as the blade under the grill trims the leaf making sure it's cut perfectly and consistently.

This equipment doesn't have any mechanical working parts, so it's simple and can be used by anyone who can turn the handle while the SpinPro trimmer does the job.

So how does it work?


On arrival, you will have to fix and set up everything. Once this is done, the leaves/buds are placed on the grill joined to the lower bowl. When the lid is placed on top of it, you turn the crank and the buds start to roll over the grill as they are pressed gently against grill. As you turn the crank, it makes the wire below the grill spin rapidly. You can remove the grill to easily empty it once you’re done.

Ideally, the time required for trimming depends on the quantity being trimmed. However, on average, it takes around ten turns of the handle before the leaves are fully trimmed.  You can also use a clock to know the optimum time when you start trimming. When you’re done using the SpinPro trimmer, it’s best to clean the grill immediately with some mineral spirits and tissue paper.

Why Should You Buy the SpinPro Trimmer?


The most important benefit of having the SpinPro trimmer is time saving vs trimming your plants with a pair of scissor which is very convenient. According to reviews and testimonials; on average, the SpinPro trimmer trims in ten minutes what a hand scissor would in 4 hours. Aside from saving time and hours of labor, the SpinPro trimmer also comes at a reasonable and affordable price. The SpinPro main material is made of steel, so it’s very durable and will last for years.

What can it be used for?


Obviously for trimming, but trimming what? It's basically for trimming leaves, stems and roots used in preparing buds for oil extract and other purposes.


Our SpinPro is available in our Ottawa, Ontario, shop..... at a very affordable and competitive market price.

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