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  • Submergible pump designed to deliver water to roots in hydroponics systems to maximize yields.
  • Features a high-performance motor that quietly and efficiently raises lift height and water flow.
  • Turn dial opens or closes the valve for easy water intake control and flow pressure adjustment.
  • Includes three interchangeable nozzles to connect to many hydroponics and irrigation systems.
  • 2.87 x 3.70 x 4.25 in. | 36W | IP-X8 | Flow Rate: 792 GPH (3000 L/H) | Max Lift Height: 9.85 ft.


A submersible water pump designed for circulation and delivery to supply plant roots with a consistent water supply and help maximize yields. Each hydroponic pump features a high-performance motor that can quietly and energy-efficiently raise lift height and water flow. This motor is sealed to IP-X8 standards to completely keep moisture out and ensure long-lasting operation. Suction cup feet enables the water pump to be tightly secured onto any surface and in any orientation in your water container. The turn dial opens or closes the valve for easy water intake control while the three included nozzles adjust water flow pressure.


While this water pump is ideal for use in hydroponics grow systems, it is also applicable in other bodies of water like ponds, and aquariums to simulate natural water currents for aquatic life. Also can be used in fountain and irrigation systems.

Submersible Water Pump, 10-Feet Lift Height, 792 GPH (3000 L/H)

Excluding GST/HST
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