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LED Top Light with Industry-Leading Light Distribution

PHOTOBIO is developed by photobiologists for horticultural professionals

Our mission is quite simple: develop only the best lighting solutions, specific to horticulture, available in the world. The various spectra employed in PHOTOBIO fixtures have been trialed extensively to elicit specific photomorphogenic responses in your crop.

PHOTOBIO has a unique spectra and optical design

Through our unique spectra we are able to improve nutritional value, extend shelf life, drive more pigmentation, increase active compound production, and shorten flowering times. These spectra have been trialed on over 300 varieties of crops and have been thoroughly fine tuned and proven. PHOTOBIO believes that a fixture’s performance should be measured in real world trials rather than by how it looks on paper. Photosynthetically active radiation between 400–700nm (PAR) has been the historical metric used to measure how efficiently the fixture converts power (W) into photosynthetic photon flux (PPF). This is an important measurement but it is eclipsed in importance by plant biologically active radiation between 280–800nm (PBAR). We place more emphasis on PBAR as it incorporates both UV-A/UV-B and far red. PHOTOBIO fixtures utilize unique optical design to distribute the superior PPF flux uniformly over your growing area.


  • 1-to-1 LED replacement for 600W HID legacy fixtures
  • Optimized optical design delivers 750 μmol/s uniformly to the plant canopy
  • Slim linear design minimizes sun interference when used in a greenhouse environment
  • 48in x 12in x 8in
  • 5 year warranty











6.1 kg/
13.4 lb


>36,000 hr

PHOTOBIO•T 300W S1 Spectrum

Excluding GST/HST
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