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ZenZyme is a 100% natural enzyme tonic that kindles the proliferation of microorganisms in grow media accelerating the breakdown and recycling of undesirable residue and waste.

• Stabilizes the grow medium.
• Accelerates the disposal of residual salts and dead root matter in grow media.
• Aids in the breakdown and mineralization of nutrients making them easily available to plants.
• Stimulates the proliferation of micro-organisms in soil.
• Treats and cleanses grow media promoting a healthy environment for roots.
• Reinforces the plant’s natural defense system against soil and plant pathogens.
• Has a sanitizing affect on dripper systems.
• Suitable for all soil and soilless substrates.

ZenZyme vitalizes grow media and builds up plant immunities paving the road to rooted harmony.
* ZenZyme is not a fertilizer


Excluding GST/HST
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