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TITAN 0-10-07 is a 100% natural power-pack loaded with botanical hormones, extracts and minerals to incite and drive the maturation process of blossoming plants.

• Targets plant energy directly to fruits and flowers.
• Injects plants with supplemental power and resistance.
• Pushes production of buds, fruits and flowers to maximum potential at the end of the bloom cycle.
• Increases essential oil production.
• Easy to use formula.
• Suitable for use in hydroponic systems, traditional soil, soilless and coco substrates.

TITAN 0-10-07 divine energy that empowers flowers.

Detailed description:

- Nitrogen 0%
- Phosphate 10%
- Potash 7%

- DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use.
- Apply only during the 3 final weeks of flowering prior to harvest in combination with a regular feeding program of plant nutrition.
- Hydroponics: Add 1 ml per litre of nutrient solution at each change or top up of the reservoir.
- Soil or Coco: Add 1 ml per litre of water at each watering.
- Do not use TITAN with products containing hydrogen peroxide or in combination with any other PK boosters.


Excluding GST/HST
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