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OptiCal-Mg is a powerful calcium and magnesium supplement with iron.

It is formulated to make calcium and magnesium readily available to maturing plants during the critical bud, flower and fruit development phase.

- Simply add OptiCal-Mg to your regular feeding program to optimize your plant’s growth potential.
- Create bigger, heavier and more fragrant flowers and fruit.
- Stimulate the production of essential oils.
- Envigorate the overall health and development of root systems and plant structures.

If calcium or magnesium deficiencies should occur, such as blossom end rot or arrested plant development, use OptiCal-Mg to correct the problem at any time during a plant’s lifecycle to restore your plant’s overall health and vitality.

So whether you want to enhance plant performance or nip a deficiency problem in the bud, OptiCal-Mg offers the right solution.

Detailed description:

- Nitrogen 2.3%
- Phosphate 0%
- Potash 0%
- Designed for use with all quality plant fertilizers such as Optimum Hydroponix® 2-part nutrients for hydroponics and soil or Mo’Koko 2-part nutrients for growing in coco


Excluding GST/HST
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