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More effective irrigation of all types of pots/ containers in all growing mediums.; Drip emitters and stakes only provide a single point of irrigation making it hard for water/ nutrient solution to evenly saturate a container. The water ring has 54 perfectly positioned pores to evenly irrigate containers eliminating dry pockets of growing medium. Kit contains 3 removable stakes to keep water rings in place around each plant. The water ring can also be used without the stakes if desired. The water ring has a 1-Inch gap on one end to allow it to be placed around large plants without damaging the stalks. Can be used indoors or out in soil or hydroponics. Durable construction allows for years of use. Can be easily cleaned between growing cycles. Create your own flexible irrigation kits easily and cheaply with any-Inch I.D. tubing and-Inch fittings (not included). Please note that adding-Inch ball valves may be necessary to create an even flow to all water rings in large installations.

Hydro Halo Water Ring 12"

Excluding GST/HST
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