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Imagine you need to quickly run into your grow room to take care of a water leak, but your plants are asleep! You stumble around in the dark trying to find the leak, and eventually out of frustration you turn on your phone flashlight – this is an urgent water leak after all! Just a little light won’t hurt the plants.
You took care of the leak, but now your plants are damaged. Damage that could have been avoided by protecting your plants “awakening” light spectrums. Get rid of that white light, and start using power of green!
You need a green LED that:
Won’t harm your plants
Has a true green light spectrum (not just painted white lights)
Is wearable on your head for hands-free work
The Green Hornet Headlamp is a wearable green LED light that keeps your plants from being damaged, while brightly lighting up wherever you need to work.

Green Hornet Headlamp

Excluding GST/HST
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