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Bud Candy® — Surprisingly Simple Solution Unlocks Explosive Aromas Hidden in Your Garden

Picture the sweet satisfaction of your most flavorful harvest yet.

Strong aromas hit you from the moment you walk in the door . . .

And your flower’s dripping with crystal trichomes that hint at its hefty concentrations of valuable terpenes.

It’s what you’ve worked toward for so many weeks . . .

What you’ve dreamed of accomplishing since planting your very first seed or clone.

For many top growers, this kind of success is par for the course.

And quite simply, it’s because they understand . . .



How to Jolt Cannabis Awake with Flower-Boosting Energy When They Need It Most


You see, your plants are already hard at work to make the carbs they need through photosynthesis.

It’s a time-consuming, high-energy process . . .

And it demands a lot of your crop’s attention.

Now, when you deliver carbohydrates fertilizer to your garden’s root zone . . .

You nourish the beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere, which in turn help to create the optimal conditions for unlocking the biggest, most potent buds possible.

In other words, you’re increasing your cannabis plants’ energy reserves.

And they can tap into that energy during the ripening stage. Imagine harvesting the highest concentrations of terpenes you’ve ever achieved.

And it gets better.

Because when . . .


Carbohydrates Nourish the Beneficial Microbes in Your Root Zone…


They help extend the roots and increase nutrient absorption.

Now, if you’re already using our root expanders, you can see how important this process is.

Because here’s the thing…

By feeding the microbes that work hard for your garden, you’re giving them the fuel they need to support optimal nutrient uptake.

You’re priming your underground network for maximum efficiency.

And remember, bigger roots equal bigger fruits.

Now, through 20 years of plant-specific research, we’ve reached an important conclusion about carbohydrate additives.

So pay close attention . . .

Not all carbohydrate additives are created equal.

In fact, crude forms of sugar do little to support your plants.

Many of these low-grade molasses products are loaded with sulfur. . .

And they can actually throw off your nutrient ratios

Leaving you worse off than you were before adding them!

So we advise all of our growers to use . . .

Advanced nutrients Bud Candy 1 L

Excluding GST/HST
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