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The Bubble Magic Dry Tumbler 1500 is capable of processing up to 1500 grams of dry plant material at a time! The entire process takes only 15 minutes! The Bubble Magic Tumblers feature a 145 micron screen standard. 125 Micron and 185 Micron screens are also available for all model Bubble Magic Tumblers. Save time and money and tumble your flowers, leaves, stems, and trim quickly and efficiently with no hassle! No messy bags, no water, and ice necessary. No more waste! Simply load your frozen plant material into the drum and let the motor do the work!

Specifications : 

  • Product Dimensions: 37''L x 22.75'' W x 20.5''H
  • Weight: 36 lbs

Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler 1500g

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