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Ancient Secret Hidden Deep in the Remote Mountains of Eastern Europe Unleashes Explosive Yields For Organic Growers


If you want to grow lush, green organic yields, you need to marry the old with the new.

Now, no doubt, modern science has made it easier than ever to unlock the true potential of our plants.

And many of Advanced Nutrients’ best-selling products contain proprietary technologies that do just that.


Sometimes, the most effective solutions are often hiding in materials that are millions of years old

Like a rare volcanic rock hidden deep in the far-off mountains of Eastern Europe.


We’re Talking About Leonardite!


And if you grow organic, then this one-of-kind vitreous mineraloid is a must-have for your feeding routine.

You see, when leonardite is extracted, it produces a jet-black oil bursting with a wide array of plant-potentiating elements (that have been absorbed over mega-annums—that’s millions of years!)

For starters, it’s chock-full of humic acids, key players in increasing nutrient absorption. Which is essential for thriving plants.

Now, when uptake isn’t efficient, which it generally is NOT, especially if you grow organic, it’s like flushing your fertilizer—and your money—down the drain.

Well, the humic acids found in leonardite provide optimal conditions for your rhizosphere, securing a “home” for beneficial microbes that improve root zone structure and maximize nutrient uptake.

This ensures your plants are getting the most out of your fertilizers.

Which is why humic acids are one of the most popular ways to introduce the soil food web into your cultivation routine.

But before you fortify your high-value crops with this rare organic material, you must understand . . .


Not All Leonardite Is Created Equal!


And because deposits of this ancient rock vary from location to location, each source includes different concentration levels of the humic acids you need.

In other words…

Depending on where your leonardite is from, you could end up doing little to nothing for your garden.

Which is why we’ve gone out of our way to source only the most superior forms of leonardite for your specific plants…

All the way to the isolated mountain regions of Eastern Europe.

And after identifying the darkest, richest forms of leonardite on the planet, we extracted its plentiful ingredients to create…


Breakthrough Additive For Fortifying Your Garden And Getting the Most From Your Fertilizers


It’s called OG Organics™ Ancient Earth®.

It contains optimal levels of short-chain and long-chain humic acids from leonardite.

And for so many of our organic growers, it’s become the single most important additive for maximizing the potential of their feeding program.

See, when you add OG Organics Ancient Earth to your nutrient reservoir, you’re unleashing the power of Earth’s ancient wisdom into your crops.

And here’s why it matters:

Your long-chain humic acids will work primarily on the root zone, optimizing conditions for a highly efficient underground network.

In the meantime, short-chain humic acids can enter your plants’ tissues and optimize conditions for plant growth, supporting critical functions for vigorous vegetation and flowering.

And when you put them together, you tap into a wellspring of plant potential from one single ancient source.

You’re getting . . .

  • Better nutrient absorption from your fertilizer
  • Improved root zone structure and increased root formation
  • Greater pH stabilization in root zone
  • Greater resistance to abiotic environmental stresses

Now, we could keep it there, and it would already be a no-brainer to most educated growers to consider adding this product to their gardens.


And It Gets Even Better…


When you dig into the wealth of crucial elements teeming inside each bottle of OG Organics Ancient Earth, it becomes nearly impossible to ignore the impact it can make for your crops.

But you’re getting even more from this product than humic acids derived from the most superior forms of leonardite on earth.

You’re also getting an optimal potassium boost — one of the most critical nutrients for high-performing plants in both the grow phase and bloom phase.

And you’ll fortify your garden with the plant-boosting properties our natural world has relied on for centuries to produce its lush, green bounty.

Don’t wait to discover why so many growers turn to this CDFA-OIM and OMRI-certified fertilizer to maximize their gardens.

Ancient Earth Organic 250 ml

Excluding GST/HST
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