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Ocean Forest Potting Soil


Ocean Forest Potting Soil


The ocean forest potting soil is a ready to use out of the bag. It provides the ideal environment for new seedlings to flourish in terms of growth and development. This soil is designed for containers and there is no need to add nitrogen fertilizers.

The ocean forest soil is one of the most popular soil mix available to growers of potted plant and trees, owners of greenhouses, and generally farmers. Its name quintessentially describes it as a potent combo of terrestrial and aquatic materials. The ocean forest potting soil is made up of a combination of natural ingredient that serve its foundation. Its main contents are aged forest products, forest humus and dry sandy loam. These make the ocean forest soil light thereby allowing for air passage and improving water seepage through it.

The organic components of the soil are topnotch, so there is no need to worry about chemicals wearing into your seeds and plants. Packed with aged forest products, sphagnum, peat moss, together with natural micro-nutrient and organic materials, the ocean forest potted soil is best for any form of homegrown plant especially cannabis. It has a pH that hovers around 6.3 to 6.8 which gives room for maximum fertilizer uptake.

Ingredients and Components- as explained above that the ocean forest potting Soil is composed of a rich combination of natural ingredients that forms its base. The main materials described above are aged forest products, forest humus and loamy soil.

The composted/decayed forest humus hold nutrients that enables the plant to grow, this makes it a highly potent fertilizer. It provides what nutritionist will call 'balanced diet' to your potted plants all through the phases of their growth. Another positive effect of the forest humus is that it brings about continuous increase in soil micro-organisms that continuously provide plant nutrient.

The ocean forest potting soil sits pretty much above many premixed soils in large due to the rare ingredients present in the composted forest humus. The sphagnum peat moss present in the mix helps retain up to 20 times its weight in water. This enables the plant to stay hydrated for longer periods. The presence of sulfur in the peat moss also makes the plant to produce the natural terpenes that are responsible for the flower's color, smell and flavor.

The light texture of the ocean forest potting soil makes room for proper aeration and drainage. This is as a result of the sandy loam, produced from sand, silt and clay. This particular soil has one unique feature that it doesn't contain perlite as other soil combos do. Nevertheless, the choice of adding perlite is completely yours. You may want to perlite to the mixture to help in Audi drainage, protecting the roots from rot and help shed large particles of soil. For those who cannot maintain a regular watering schedule, the lack of perlite could be a source of worry.

The ocean forest potting soil also has soil amendment capabilities. This is as a result of the materials used in its production. The motley of natural fertilizers used in its production ensures your plants are provided with necessary nutrients need from the start.

These materials are sourced from both the sea (fish, emulsion, crab meal and shrimp meal) and earth (bat guano and earthworm casting). This is the source of origin of the name Ocean Forest. The ocean forest mixture is nutritious, there is no need for additional fertilizer application for at least 30 days, thereby making the potting soil the best for growing seedlings into strong, healthy plants.

The ''Ocean" components of the ocean forest soil are found in emulsion made from the Pacific North-West sea going fishes added to the soil. The crab meal is another wonderful amendment to the soil which gradually releases N,P,K and magnesium to the plants. It also serves as a biological pest due to the presence of high chitin; a natural big repellant.

The last of the ocean materials is the shrimp meal which aids in the breaking down of soil. The shrimp meal also comes with other advantages for plants such as helping in root growth, providing micro-nutrients, restoring soil's fertility and providing chitin as its partner crab meal does.

For the earth's side of the ocean forest equation, the ocean forest soil consists of earthworm castings. These earthworm casting are high soil enriches as they help keep nitrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. However, the nitrogen content isn't as much as the others mentioned above. They can serve as a potent peat repellant to pests such as aphids and spider mites that feed on plants. The worm cast manure in the potting soil also aids healthy growth in root and leafy foliage, reduces germination cycle, and shields plant from diseases.

The bat guano in the ocean forest potting soil provides nutrients and beneficial bacteria. It also contributes to the effectiveness and overall quality of the ocean forest potting soil.

So why should you use the ocean forest potting soil? According to reviews from verified users from our shop in Ottawa, Ontario, the ocean forest potting soil has the following benefits to users;

  • Comprise of a good mix of organic and natural fertilizers.

  • It has the standard adjusted pH level in the bracket of 6.3 to 6.8 pH.

  • It's ready to use straight out of the bag.

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