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Happy Frog Soil



The Happy Frog soil comprise a wonderful combination of natural ingredients that make up its base. The sphagnum peat moss present in the Happy Frog encourages water retention thereby keeping plants hydrated for a lengthy period of time. The peat moss also has micro nutrients that are absorbed by plants.

Having potted plants comes with many benefits; these range from improvement in air quality and humidity of room, its capacity of reducing stress levels and improving your mental health, its therapeutic effect on your life and so on. All these benefits are products of scientific research which can be found in a plethora of scientific literature. For example, the indoor plant's capacity to reduce stress levels was tested in a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology. Furthermore, improving air quality was also discovered during a study carried out by NASA in the 1980s while researchers in the United Kingdom were the first to discover indoor plant's special therapeutic effect and improvement on one's mental health.

While many benefits are observed, it also brings a near equal measure of responsibility on the part of the owner or gardener in terms of care. One of the best ways of tending your plant with the best of care is by using the Happy Frog soil in growing it.

So what is the Happy Frog soil ?   Described as an all-purpose combination of soil micro-organisms, fungi, and fertilizers suitable as a potting soil for indoor, outdoor containers and raised beds. The happy frog comprise of smoothly screened aged forest materials, earthworms casting, bat guana and compost forest humus. The type of fungi inherent in the happy frog is called Mycorrhizal fungi. This helps in increasing root efficiency which enhances nutrient and water absorption.

Another novel component in the Happy Frog is the composted forest humus which is formed naturally in the forest floors. Its major function as a natural fertilizer; holding nutrients that supports growth. The happy frog improves the soil in a number of ways; it increases soil organisms which provide plant nutrients, encourages water retention, drainage and aeration.

The worm casting is one natural fertilizer inherent in the happy frog. Users have reported increased yields, protection of plants against pest and diseases, and reduction in growth cycle. All these by only using the happy frog.

The perlite added to the happy frog is made from coarse materials sourced from volcanic glass which is ground and added with soil to form an environment that is highly favorable for growing plant in general. The perlite provides spacing between soil particles which encourages aeration and drainage in the soil.

The bat guano is another important natural ingredients element present in the happy frog blend. Made from bat faeces- a rare material on the ingredient list of many soils in the market. It is used because of its capacity to add nutrients to plant and also protect the plants from diseases.

Another ingredients that is not common in the market and also present in the happy frog is humic acid. This growth enhancer helps to increase the uptake of nutrients and naturally encourages growth.

What is the Happy Frog soil used for? For those in Ottawa Canada growing or intending to grow indoor or outdoor plant, the Happy Frog soil is your best bet. Its high quality worm casting stimulates healthy growth of roots and boost resistance to diseases while producing beautiful leafy foliage. Many users have reported excellent results when they blend the happy frog with fruit and flower fertilizer. Experts recommend the happy frog soil for those growing vegetable gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, ornamental farms, medicinal marijuana and all forms of container gardening.

The method of using the Happy Frog soil is dependent on the type of farming or gardening you are engaged in.

For container plants, the standard practice is to add 2/3 i.e two-third of the happy frog soil to every 5 gallon of soil. The plant should be positioned at the proper height. It is advised you ensure the plant is firmly positioned to the ground, thereafter, you water plant thoroughly. The top of the container should be dressed monthly during the growing season with other fertilizer additives. 

For In-ground plantings, you are required to mix half cup of the happy frog soil for every 5 gallon of soil mixture. The hole should be filled as the plant is positioned at the appropriate height. It is advised you sprinkle around half cup of fertilizer on the floor of the plant and water thoroughly.

The Happy Frog soil can also be used in growing roses, trees, and shrubs in a container and the instruction of use given above also applies.

Having known all there is to know about one of the best soil available in the market, it's now time to know where to purchase this product. For residents of Ontario, Ottawa who wish to back their interest in having a potted plant or garden with action, our shops located in Ontario, Ottawa are open to provide you with the best soil available. Our prices are below average and our product is of premium quality.

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