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Gaia Green Nutrients

Gaia Green Nutrients

What Are Gaia Green Nutrients ?

Chemical fertilizers have long been used in addressing plant nutrition needs. However, extensive use of these fertilizers has raised questions due to pressure on non-renewable resources, run-off of such fertilizers into water bodies, contamination of food by applied fertilizers, compromise of microbial functions, and their deleterious effects on living beings. A lot of focus has been shifted towards regenerative agriculture and among the approaches which may lead us to sustainable agriculture are the use of organic fertilizers such as Gaia Green nutrients. Pest and disease control have also been conducted through the use of biological as well as organic materials.

Utilization of such multi-functional organic and biological materials offers multiple advantages, like those of consumption of waste products, minimum or no pollution of the environment, improved microbial activity and host plant functions, and improvement of soil quality and fertility. Owing to such benefits, plant nutrition needs in recent times have been shifted towards bio-organic sources.

Although the major focus has been on the bio-fertilizers in the sphere of plant nutrition needs and reliance on organic sources has only been based on traditional approaches, for example, we have been using animal manures, animal waste, feed leftovers, and slurry collected from livestock farms as organic plant nutrition sources. However, a variety of materials available in abundance can be used for better and sustainable plant nutrition.

Johnny Genetix has focused on providing the inputs which are safe for living beings and the environment. We have been strong advocates of shifting towards sustainable agriculture therefore we have especially worked with sustainability consultants in devising plant growth recommendations. Among the organic inputs, Gaia Green Organics have received a lot of attention due to their reliance on organic sources, without adversely affecting the environment as well as the natural habitat of the sources used. Gaia Green nutrients are available at Johnny Genetix where you can choose according to your needs, and discuss your purpose.

A variety of mixtures focused on different stages of plant growth have been introduced by Gaia Green Organics and include All Purpose, Power Bloom, Soluble Seaweed, Super Fly, Worm Castings, Soil, Mined Minerals, Meals, Rock Dusts, and Granular products. They all serve as authentic organic sources of plant nutrition.

Gaia's all Purpose nutrient (also available in granular form): This product Is a blend of major macro-nutrients and has been derived from feather meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, glacial rock dust, natural rock phosphate, fish-bone meal, mineralized phosphate, potassium sulphate, insect frass, basalt rock dust, humic acid, gypsum, kelp meal, oyster shell flour, green sand. It contains 4% of each nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and can be applied as a base nutrient source.

Power Bloom (also available in granular form): Power bloom is another mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and contains these nutrients in a concentration of 2%, 8%, and 4% respectively. It is particularly constructed for the reproductive growth of the plants, as the fruiting and flowering stages require more phosphorus and potassium. It has also been derived from different meals, minerals, and dust as explained in All Purpose.

Gaia Soluble Seaweed Extract: This is a source of potassium and contains up to 17% Of soluble potash. It is derived from North Atlantic Kelp and improves the plant structure as well as serves as a cofactor of certain enzymes which help in the preparation of protein by the plants.

Gaia Super Fly Insect Frass: This is also a blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (3:1:2) sourced from Insect Frass. The renewable resource of this product is worth mentioning here and this product has the potential of being a sustainable plant nutrition source.

Worm Castings: This product contains 2% nitrogen and 0.14% sulfur and has been derived from unprocessed manure of earthworms. Alongside the provision of nitrogen and sulfur, this product is also helpful in improving soil quality.

Gaia Living Soil: This is a combination of different organic sources and provides an excellent environment for root growth, encourages initial stand establishment, and holds sufficient nutrients for over two months. This soil also allows better microbial activity, leading to the release of plant important nutrients, and ameliorates the nutrient deficiency stress on the plant.

Gaia Primal Earth: Gaia Primal Earth is one of the most complete soils available in the market and contains a comparatively lower concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is derived from African Night Crawler Worm castings, coconut coir, compost, fir bark, peat moss, and perlite among others, and serves as an excellent resource for potted or earthed plants.

Gaian Greensand: Greensand is a blend of macronutrients and micronutrients (potassium, magnesium, iron, and manganese) which support plant growth and development. It has been derived from greensand. Basalt Rock Dust is another product containing the same nutrients but sourced from basalt, so is Rock Dust Blend which lacks manganese compared to Greensand and Basalt Rock Dust.

Gaia Mineralized Phosphate: Phosphate fertilizers are often fixed within different layers of the soil and this fixation renders the applied phosphorus unavailable for the plants. However, the use of rock phosphate can address these unavailability issues. In such a case, this product comes from natural rock phosphate and contains 9% of available phosphoric acid which is crucial for the vegetative as well as reproductive growth of the plants. The same is the source of Rock Phosphate (phosphorus 3%, calcium 25%).

Gaia Oyster Shell Flour: Calcium is also among the macronutrients required for plants, and this calcium-based product contains up to 36% of calcium. It is an important input in acidic soils and can help increase the soil pH.

Gaia Glacial Rock Dust: This product contains magnesium (0.9%), iron (3%), and manganese (0.05%) and is derived from the glacial moraine. It particularly enhances the structure and physiological functions of the plants.

Gaia Granulated Turf: This is another blend of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, and iron), derived from feather meal, bone meal, glacial rock dust, potassium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, ferrous sulphate, and fossilized carbon. This is specially prepared for turf and lawns.

Except for the above mentioned products, Gaia Green also has Gypsum, a source of calcium and sulphur, Diatomaceous Earth as a facilitator for better soil health, Alfalfa Meal containing nitrogen and potassium, Blood Meal (14% nitrogen), Bone Meal (14% phosphorus, and 26% calcium), Feather Meal (13% nitrogen), Fishbone Meal (6% nitrogen, 16% phosphorus, and 17% calcium), and Kelp Meal (1% nitrogen and 2% potassium).

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