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Emerald Harvest Nutrients



The Emerald Harvest nutrients range from base to specified nutrients required for the plant's growth and development. We will discuss Emerald Harvest nutrients which offer a complete package of plant nutrients.


First, let’s talk about the complexity of plant nutrition process. Plants need sixteen different kinds of essential plant nutrients, categorized as macro-nutrients as well as micro-nutrients, for their growth and development. It's not like we need to apply all of these nutrients to the soil, but starting a new growth plan as well as growing in conditions that do not require soil (such as aeroponics and hydroponics) may require input of all these nutrients.


The Liebig's law of the minimum states that "growth is dictated not by the total resources available, but by the scarcest resource". In simple words, it says that if there is a deficiency of any of the essential nutrients, plant growth and development is affected. Plant nutrition is also dependent highly on nutrient availability, and if these nutrients are not applied in optimum quantity, they may affect the availability of each other (potassium competes with calcium and magnesium). Therefore, you may need some technical support alongside continuous requirements for inputs.

We at Johnny Genetix are striving towards helping you out with all kinds of plant growing recommendations and supplies. If you are looking for advice on starting a new plant growth venture or seeking information on your established farm, you are at the right place. Alongside the advice, we have all that you need, and you can choose from a variety of planting infrastructure that is also shipped to your doorstep or available for pick in our main store location in Ottawa, Ontario.

A lot of companies working in the niche of gardening provide hundreds of products addressing plant nutrition needs. However, purchasing all the nutrients separately is heavy on the pocket.

Emerald Harvest nutrients has worked efficiently in creating just the right formulations required for different physiological functions of your plants. Here are the products among which you can choose:

Emerald Harvest Nutrients- Honey Chome: This product is especially designed to enhance the chemistry of plant parts, such as fragrance, flavor, and color. It contains beneficial nutrients and microorganisms feasible for all kinds of plantings and provides the plants with enhanced metabolites alongside other plant growth-promoting effects.

Emerald Harvest Nutrients- King Kola: King Kola particularly focuses on the reproductive growth of plants and significantly contributes towards the reproductive growth and health of plants, hastens flowering, increases flowers, and improves fruit size. It contains phosphorus and potassium, which are crucial for flowering and fruiting.

Emerald Harvest Nutrients - Root Wizard: Above ground growth of the plant is strongly affected by below ground development. Therefore, Root Wizard provides a blend of plant growth-promoting microorganisms that not only enhance root growth but also provide the plants with phytohormones, enhance nutrient availability, and offer biological control against microbial pathogens. The utilization of such plant beneficial microbes is not only advantageous to the plants, but it is also safer for living beings and the environment.

Emerald Harvest Nutrients- Cal-Mag: Calcium and magnesium are both among the macro-nutrients required by plants, and Cal-Mag provides an excellent source of both these nutrients. These nutrients have significant effects on plant health and growth alongside improving photosynthesis.

Emerald Harvest Nutrients- Sturdy Stalk: This product is an important source of potassium, which is very important for the structure of the plant. It not only improves the structure but also enhances physiological functions such as photosynthesis, as well as increases the resistance of flowers to pests and diseases. Potassium is equally important in the activation of enzymes which regulate protein production, root development, and drought tolerance of plants.

Emerald Harvest Nutrients- Cali Pro Grow A & B: This product is a blend of different macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients but contains nitrogen as a major constituent. This can be used as a base nutrient source and will provide a sufficient amount of these nutrients for early growth and stand establishment. This is an all-in-one product and application of Cali Pro Grow will lead to enhanced growth and physiology of the plants. The presence of chelating nutrients in this product is noteworthy because some nutrients, like iron, are not available for uptake by the plants in their prevalent forms. This chelation mechanism is mainly facilitated by the applied plant growth promoting microorganisms.


However, Cali Pro provides exactly the chelated nutrients which are easily available and taken up by plants.

Emerald Harvest - Cali Pro Bloom A & B: The Cali Pro Bloom is also similar to Cali Pro Grow, but contains a higher concentration of phosphorus and potassium, which are very important for the reproductive growth of your plants. This can also be applied as a base nutrient solution for any kind of planting and is equally good for amateurs as well as experienced growers. Dense growing plants may be supplied with Bloom as a replacement to Grow.

Emerald Harvest Nutrients- Emerald Goddess: This is a plant hormone-based product which enhances the plant's hormonal system. It helps the plant release more auxins, cytokinin, and other growth hormones, which subsequently improve the plant's growth and development. Its source is naturally occurring constituents, which results in safer food and a safer environment.

We recommend that Root Wizard and Cali Pro (either Grow and Bloom) can be used as base nutrients, which are a major source of nitrogen and other micro-nutrients. This can be followed by the addition of phosphorus and potassium-based products like King Kola, Sturdy Stalk, and Cal-Mag. Honey Chome and Goddess can be at the reproductive stage of the plant, enhancing the fruit and flower quality and quantity.

Emerald harvest nutrients thus provides a complete set of plant nutrition, especially for your indoor and outdoor plants. Improved nutrient availability, variety of options, blend of nutrients, and easy accessibility are among the success traits of the Emerald Harvest nutrients.


These products offer you solutions through which you can take care of your plants efficiently. The use of these products is not at all complex, and even beginners will find it easy, as it is for expert growers. Choosing Emerald Harvest products can make your hobby or profession stress-free and enjoyable again.

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