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Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect


The Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect will relieve you and your plants of stress. If you've been concerned about your plants' inability to respond to nutrient applications, one of the reasons could be an irregularity in the pH of the growth medium, which regulates the availability of almost all macro- and micro-nutrients required for efficient plant growth.

The pH of the soil or the growing medium hinders the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, boron, copper, zinc, and molybdenum, where a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5 is ideal for the growth of most plants.

So how does the pH of the growth medium fluctuate? It is very simple. Addition of any nutrient may lead to a change in pH, but it usually occurs with monotonous application of a particular fertilizer formulation. For instance, if we keep on applying ammonium nitrate; it reduces the pH of the soil or growth medium. That is why we need to continuously monitor as well as regulate the pH for optimum plant growth. It means that you are endlessly reliant on pH meters and pens, let alone the subsequent calculations which also require significant time and technical know how. Subsequent adjustment of pH involves input of a variety of products, but many of the cases do not lead to the expected results. The so-called pH-regulators often rely on strong acids or bases, which pose more harm than benefit when applied.

The PH Perfect series by Advanced Nutrients comes with just the right formula for stress-free plant growth and maintains the pH of the soil or growth medium to improve the availability of applied nutrients. Alongside enhancing the availability of nutrients, the pH Perfect products also come with different nutrient mixtures and offer your plants a dual benefit.

The pH Perfect nutrients come in a variety of options, including base nutrients, coco base nutrients, and 3-part nutrients, among which you can choose. Here is a detailed encounter of the products you can choose from: The pH Perfect base nutrients include four different products which can collectively be called as pH Perfect® Grow, Micro, Bloom. This provides a comprehensive list of options for the growers, and in general, is a blend of amino acids, humic acid, and surfactants. These products hold an exclusive chelation mechanism which never allows your plants to be nutrient deficient.

Among the base nutrients, the pH Perfect® Sensi Grow Parts A & B are a mixture of readily available macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, which come with the benefits of chelated mechanisms, a variety of amino acids, humic acid, and surfactants. The pH Perfect® Sensi Grow Parts A & B are just the right solutions for your plants’ growth, stand establishment and development in the vegetative stage. These products will keep the pH of your growth media intact, and you will find an uncompromised response of your plants to the application of nutrients.

The pH Perfect® Sensi Bloom Parts A & B is the perfect mixture of nutrients for flowering and fruiting plants, and it provides the optimum conditions for your plants to bloom at their highest potential. It is also a blend of multiple characteristics which keep on promoting plant development and you achieve the full harvest.

The Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect® Connoisseur Grow Parts A & B and pH Perfect® Connoisseur Bloom Parts A & B are also similar to the Sensei series but go a step ahead in assisting expert growers. Many of the products available in the market do not bring about the full potential of plants, and in addressing this issue, Advanced Nutrients spent countless hours in the laboratory and field experimentation and developed pH Perfect® Connoisseur products which always target the potential yield. So, if you are a grower who wants to get the full return of your efforts and inputs, then the pH Perfect® Connoisseur Grow Parts A & B and pH Perfect® Connoisseur Bloom Parts A & B by Advanced Nutrients are the best option.

Next in line are the famous pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Coco Grow Part A+B, and pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Coco Bloom Part A+B; which are especially designed for coco coir plantations. Most of the available products do not fit well with coco coir growing, and often lead to loss of nutrients. The Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Connoisseur Coco series, on the other hand, alongside regulating the pH in favor of plants, also provides a multitude of micro-nutrients, amino acids, and humic acid. These are not the only properties which make the Coco series a favorable choice for growers, but the chelation mechanisms and surfactants make them highly successful under the coco coir conditions.

Another compendium of the pH Perfect series is the pH Perfect® Grow-Micro-Bloom, which comes in three parts, each of which is a product of tireless efforts in laboratories and fields. The Grow-Micro-Bloom, alongside utilizing the pH perfect technique, also provides the plants with the majority of the macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients they need, and you, as well as your plants, do not have to worry about any deficiencies. We know, the conventional input procedures open a plethora of calculations, and even after that, nutrient availability is compromised due to pH and other issues. Therefore, we developed this product particularly to relieve you, the growers, of the stress you have to deal with almost every day of growth.

Concluding, Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect is especially designed and developed through thorough research and development procedures, which mainly focus on stress-free growth of your plants because we know if your plants are happy, so are you. 

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