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AC Infinity Inline Fans

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AC Infinity Inline Fans

Inline Fans are an integral part of grow tents, and just like the unmatched quality of their Grow Tents, AC Infinity also offers quality inline fans. The AC Infinity Inline Fans are noise free, energy efficient and production efficient which come up with many options to choose from.

Maintaining humidity, temperature, and air quality in an indoor environment are the most important factors in indoor production, as plant development requires significant ventilation. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced by fresh air outside the grow tent, which stimulates photosynthesis in the plants. Expelling the air within at the same time will maintain a steady temperature and moisture level, preventing mold and mildew from growing on your plants' leaves and limiting their growth. The added benefit of freshening the air within is that it eliminates undesirable odors.

Ventilation is therefore an extremely important process and can be managed efficiently when used as a system. A variety of ventilation systems are available, but AC Infinity provides the most compatible ventilation systems. In dissecting, the three most important components of a ventilation system are an inline duct fan (active exhaust fan), duct tubes, and a carbon filter.

Using an extractor fan or inline duct fan, removes hot and humid air from the grow space or tent. It’s specially important to use Inline Fans by AC Infinity  Variations in temperature and humidity can have a big influence on your capacity to harvest a healthy crop. Excessive heat and humidity also stifle your plants' growth, making it difficult for them to absorb water or simply survive. As a result, temperature control in your grow space will need the use of an inline duct fan.

The AC Infinity Cloudline series offers a noiseless inline duct fan system with temperature and humidity controllers and are smart inline duct fans that can be used to ventilate growth chambers, regulate room temperature, exchange the air, and chill the growth chambers while remaining silent. The inline mixed-flow design of the Inline Fans ensures that flow of air is maintained even when static pressure is high. For quiet and energy-efficient operation, a direct current (DC) motor with pulse-width modulation (PWM) control is employed. The compartment of motor holding the fan and its parts can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. A sophisticated control panel with extensive programming and capability is also available for ease of use. The controller also offers smart programming which enables easy control of fan speed, and other properties within the system. The whole set of equipment comprises a duct fan, temperature regulator, a thermometer, four duct clamps, eight feet of ducting, installation instructions, all mounting hardware, and a corded alternate current (AC) plug converter to power the device through a regular outlet.

The AC Infinity Inline Fan speeds may be changed using the controller in response to changing high and low temperatures, as well as humidity levels. Thanks to its backup memory capabilities, the control panel may be established to function constantly or activated to operate at configurable rates when electricity is available for ventilation purposes. It comes with timer, alarm and eco-mode options. A 12-foot-long, water-resistant precision probe is provided with the kit. This smart controller's programming and power supply may be shared with other Cloudline fans.

Unlike typical duct fans, which have an AC motor that is noisy and difficult to regulate, the AC Infinity Inline Fans have a DC motor that is regulated via PWM. This technique empowers motors to spin at extremely low revolutions per minute (RPMs) while producing no heat or noise. With a stator blade and two hydrodynamic wind circles, the duct fans feature a mixed flow design. They have a high static pressure rating as a result, allowing them to produce airflow in even the tightest of spaces. The duct fan units may be placed in either direction since the motor has dual ball bearings with a 67,000-hour life. The devices comply with (Ingress Protection) IP44 standards for dust and moisture protection, and perform well even in extreme conditions.

These quiet duct fan systems may be used to cool growth chambers, closets, racks, and cabinets, among other things. Because of their low noise and robust control capabilities, they can efficiently be used in a range of air flow and aeration projects, together with hydroponic or potted grow chambers and tents.

To offer ventilation in your grow tent, AC Infinity Inline Fans and carbon filters may be assembled in a variety of ways. To make operation easier and decrease fan noise, the fan and filter are frequently integrated. If your grow tent is losing air, both can be added in any order along the ventilation chain. Your cooling system, for example, may be hampered by your grow lights. The fan and/or filter can be placed outside the grow tent in this case. It is advised that you utilise your extractor fan's highest setting. Because heat rises to the top, if the hot air is evacuated there, the ventilation process will be more efficient.

Grow rooms come in a variety of sizes, and each one requires a particular amount of airflow to maintain proper ventilation. If you want your plants to reach their maximum potential, you must replace stale air in your grow room with fresh air from outside. The size of the Inline Fans is another factor to be considered, and it can be found out through simple measurements, including grow tent volume.

Although there are a variety of inline fans available on the market, AC Infinity Inline Fans offer just the right solution for your grow tents and adapt to your household without any trouble. Alongside their economic benefits, they are the most energy efficient and are super quiet. Therefore, integrating AC Infinity Inline Fans in your indoor garden will be a durable and trustworthy investment, which you will enjoy with every activity.

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